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Integrated Oil Skimmer with stainless steel disc and wiper blades standard on all models.
Easy Access Reservoir allows quick and efficient cleaning.
Top Loading Model H²0 offers generous 18" deep capacity.
Ample Foot Clearance allows heavy parts loading without undue back strain.

"Small Footprint" takes up minimal work space. Same width as conventional solvent tank.
Exclusive Roll-Away Door rotates out of the way to accommodate tight work areas and "hoist loading" from top. Also eliminates "wet floor" problems common with other door designs.
Convenient Debris Screen traps gasket material, silicone, carbon flakes, etc., which could otherwise mix with wash solution and plug spray nozzles.
Adjustable Lower Spray Bar cleans in vertical or horizontal position without valves to wear or service

Easy to Use
1. Turn on heater switch at beginning of day. Unit is ready in 60 minutes.
2. Load parts, set wash cycle timer and return to work.
3. Cycle may be interrupted at any time; simply open door to add or remove parts, close door and machine automatically resumes wash cycle.
4. When cycle is complete, unit stops. Parts flash-dry when door is opened.
5. Heat timer switch automatically turns off at end of day.

Easy on the Environment
Since CUDA automatic parts washers use a biodegradable detergent as the cleaning agent, you'll be doing your part to help the environment. Solvent-based systems create hazardous wastes that require special handling and expensive disposal costs. With CUDA's environmentally friendly parts washers, you'll save time, money, and the environment!  Click here for test results.

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