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Standard Items on all models:
1. Sump Access Covers 5. Four Hook Parts Tree
2. Wheel Kit 6. Water Level Gauge
3. Small Basket 7. Oil Drain-off Box
4. Skimmer Timer

Standard Items on Deluxe models:
1. Side Mounted Detail Tray
2. Hand Detail Brush
3. Power Brush

Options on all models:
1. Auto Fill
2. Low Water Shut-off
3. Fresh Water Rinse
4. Filtration Systems
5. Drying Systems
6. 24 Hour, 7 Day Programmable Timer (Heater and Oil Skimmer)
Productivity Features:
Completely automatic, thermostatically controlled heater maintains solution at optimum cleaning temperatures all day.
Cleans better than solvents - leaves no oily residue.
Cleaning solution contains rust inhibitors to protect parts.
Promotes quality workmanship. Cleaner parts produce a better job.
Won't dissolve rubber, neoprene and other materials that solvents can.
CUDA spray wash cabinets clean better and faster than solvents. One CUDA can support several technicians.
Increases efficiency and profitability

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