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"It's the only way to clean parts!"
CUDA Cleaning Systems, the recognized leader in automatic parts washers, introduces the Zip II.  Designed to replace manual solvent tanks and free technicians for more productive tasks, the Zip II uses superheated water, high-pressure and biodegradable detergent to clean parts as large as cylinder heads in just a few minutes.  The Zip II offers 18% more cleaning power and 22% more capacity than previous models.  An exclusive decant system separates oil from the solution then deposits it into a container for easy disposal.

The Zip II is portable and will slide into any area that formerly housed a solvent tank.

Options include a detail brush and pneumatic power brush to remove stubborn gasket material.
Model Z-2216
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This NEW innovative parts washer is ...
Just place soiled parts into the machine...flip the switch and go back to work...It's that easy!
Environmentally Safe
This unique cleaning system eliminates hazardous solvents. It uses hot water and biodegradable detergent to safeky and effectively clean your parts.
Solvent tanks are expensive...and the costs NEVER end! With a CUDA Automatic Parts Washer, you not only eliminate solvents, you save on labor costs while your parts are cleaned AUTOMATICALLY!
Hand Detail Brush   Power Brush
A compact air diaphram pump connected to a poly propolyne fountain brush allows for efficient hand detailing of large parts.
The optional POWER BRUSH makes short work of heavily soiled parts. Stubborn gasket material and baked on carbon deposits are easily removed in seconds with the POWER BRUSH.

Specifications   *Optional on Deluxe units.
Height 50"
Width 30"
Depth 43"
Weight 225 lbs.
Turn Table Diameter 22"
Working Height 16"
Work Area 22"x22"
Sump Capacity 25 gal.
Pump 1HP 240v Single Phase
Pump Capacity 28 GPM @ 30 PSI
Pump Type Close Coupled Sealed
Hand Detail Pump *Air Diaphram
Hand Detail Brush *Poly Propolyene
Power Brush *1800 RPM - Pneumatic
Heater Electric Immersion - 4.5 KW
Water Temperature 150º F (Approx.)
Oil Removal Decant System
Filter Slide Out Debris Screen

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